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About Us

Cruise In is a family owned business, dedicated to finding the best cruise deals, with the best cruise lines and then giving you the professional and honest advice you would expect from a small, friendly company.

The cruise industry is constantly changing. The new luxury cruise liners are truly amazing. If you listen to our recommendations when we choose the best cruise holiday for you, you will experience the best luxury cruise for your money. In fact, you'll probably never choose an ordinary holiday again!

We can guide you, from personal experience, on which are the best cruises and ships for you and your budget. Whether you're a first-time cruiser or, even if you're experienced, we can help. All our staff enjoy cruises and each of us has specialist knowledge of the individual cruise companies. Whatever your questions, we can be sure to answer them for you.

That's why we can genuinely enthuse about every booking. But don't expect us to book every cruise you see advertised. There are some we wouldn't go on and wouldn't send you on. That is what sets us apart from the commercial cruise companies.

The fact is, we'd like you as a client, not just once, but time after time. And don't be surprised if you become a friend. That's because we also arrange many group bookings which we often accompany. In fact, our own groups are so popular, you sometimes have a hard job to get aboard!

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