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Alaska has become one of the most popular cruise destinations in the world. The cruises visit an overwhelming variety of landscapes: glaciers, endless forests, towering mountains, isolated boardwalk towns and villages and major cities such as San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver. The best time to cruise Alaska is May to September, with July and August being the most popular months. May is best for wildflowers and September is great for the fall. As with anywhere in the north, the weather can be fickle. Take warm clothing, but you may do some sunbathing! We've experienced beautiful weather in May and September.

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Asian and Far East cruises open up a world of diverse experiences. Cruising the Far East introduces you to a kaleidoscope of exotic sights, sounds and tastes. You'll find something new in every port of call. From the beauty and tranquility of ancient temples, to the distinctive flavours and street sounds, to world-class shopping in the bustling open-air markets. You'll marvel at the sheer pace and sense of vitality evident in the region`s many ultra-modern cities. Everyone, everything seems to be on the move. Cruising the Far East, combining ancient and modern, will genuinely surprise and delight you.

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Australia and New Zealand

Cruises to Australia and New Zealand cruises are not only fantastic in themselves, they give you the opportunity to stop over in Asia and see some of the Orient. Cruising doesn't get more impressive than this. New Zealand, with the magic of its Maori culture, the miles of breathtaking coastline, the vast mountains and ancient forests, undoubtedly has some of the world's most awe-inspiring scenery. While Australia, with its Ayres Rock, the Barrier Reef and Sydney Opera House is totally another world, one which just happens to be situated on planet earth.

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The Baltics, Scandinavia and Russia

Baltic cruises open up a world of history, architecture, art, food, shops, museums and so much more. It's a world of culture and wonderful scenery. The Baltics are all those countries and places you can cruise to in the Baltic Sea region: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, and Sweden. Just to think of a Russian cruise is exciting. Just to think of visiting the Baltic capitals is an adventure: Berlin, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Riga, Saint Petersburg, Stockholm, the list goes on. The only word to describe a Baltic cruise is unmissable.

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The Black Sea

To sail through the Bosporus into the Black Sea is a unique experience. If you've a mind for history, the cruises take you to the world of the Crimea, Sevastopol, Florence Nightingale; to Yalta where Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin carved up the modern world. How would they have viewed today's cruise ships sailing in the traditional playground of Russia's rich and famous? Perhaps they'd celebrate seeing the world enjoying the Black Sea's warm Mediterranean climate, its vineyards and its orchards. History adds to the allure of a Black Sea cruise. If the names mean anything to you, reflect. If not, simply enjoy.

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The British Isles

A cruise is a wonderful way to see the extraordinary beauty of Britain and especially its coastline, which has a special grandeur all of its own. A cruise gives you the opportunity to visit places you might never think of going. Have you ever downed a glass of Guinness in Cork? Or tasted Irish whiskey - note the 'e' - in Belfast? Have you ever seen Charles Rennie Mackintosh's sensational Glasgow School of Art? You may think the idea of cruising the British Isles doesn't sound very exotic. Well, perhaps it's time to drop your prejudices and see 'this sceptred isle' for yourself.

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Canary Islands

The Canary Isles, one of Europe's major tourist areas, have been a 'destination of choice' for Britons since the arrival of steamships. The main islands, Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote - all part of Spain - each offer a radically different cruise experience. From the coastlines to the mountains there's a world of contrasts with unforgettable secret bays, black sand, and long golden beaches, giant cliffs, deep ravines, exotic woodlands, and volcanic landscapes of impossible shapes and much, much more. Canary Island cruises often visit the Portuguese island of Madeira, a traditional port of call ever since cruising began.

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The Caribbean

'Paradise found' is how the Caribbean has been described. It's a world of sunshine, white sand and endless blue sea. The whole rhythm of life is different. You're in holiday mood just being there. It doesn't take long to fall under the spell of the islands with their vibrant life, colourful markets, surf-fringed beaches and perfumed air wafting through waving palm fronds. From Grenada to San Juan, from St Kitts to Barbados it's a sparkling world of cinnamon and spice and all things nice, of colour and music and sheer enjoyment. It's no wonder some people who cruise the Caribbean keep going back.

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Hawaii is one of the great cruising destinations of the world. From the snows of Mauna Kea to the snow-white beaches of the Kona Coast, the Big Island is one of the few places on earth where you can go from snowboarding to snorkelling in a single day. Between these extremes, you will find virtually every type of outdoor activity imaginable. As you journey from island to island, you'll see whole valleys filled with orchids and everything from steaming volcano vents to the red dusty gorges of Waimea Canyon on Kauai. You'll find everything from Polynesian artefacts to moving tributes and memorials at Pearl Harbour.

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Mediterranean cruises are the most popular of all cruises and it's easy to see why. The Mediterranean is not one destination but many. It's not just eastern Med or western Med it's much more than that. It's seas within seas: the Aegean, the Adriatic, the Alboran, the Balearic, the Ionian, the Ligurian, the Tyrrhenian. The very names are magical in their different ways. Here, in the cradle of civilisation, amid a myriad of cultures, you'll see some of the most beautiful ports, picturesque harbours, ancient ruins, and most famous historical sites to be found anywhere in the world.

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Mexico is an amazing world of vibrant cultures, world-class beaches, lush green rain forests and vividly painted architecture that dazzles your eyes. Whether your idea of adventure is exploring an old colonial city or enjoying a siesta on a white-sand beach, a Mexican cruise holiday is perfect. The Mexican Riviera is full of fascinating ports such as Cabo San Lucas, once known as the 'millionaire's sandpit'; Puerto Vallarta, nestled in the 28-mile curve of Banderas Bay; and MazatlŠn with its vast unspoiled beaches. A truly different world and a truly different way of life.

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Dubai and the Middle East

Cruises from Dubai and other Middle East cruises are becoming ever more popular as first-time cruisers, as well as regular cruisers, seek out more adventurous destinations. Cruising Dubai gives you the chance to marvel at the stunning beauty, rich history and brilliant promise of Dubai and the Emirates. A Dubai cruise brings the magic of the east to your door. You'll discover a true flavour of the region in the ancient mosques, tranquil beach resorts, and in the many open-air souks that buzz with the authentic sights, sounds and tastes of the area.

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Mini Cruises

A short cruise is a great way to try out a different ship, or to try cruising for the first time. Three or four day cruises offer great value, far better value than any weekend hotel break in Europe. For a start they are full-board. It would cost a fortune in extras to bring a hotel break up to the standard of of a cruise ship. Treat your loved one to a luxury mini-cruise where you can relax and celebrate in style. Warning. So called mini-cruises on ferries are not what we're talking about. Ferries are not cruise ships!

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New England & Canada

The main time of year - some say the only time - to take a New England cruise is in the fall, as Americans call the autumn. To cruise from New York or Boston in September or October, is truly a magical experience. The grandeur of the New England and Canadian coastline is breathtaking. It's a world of dramatic land-and-seascapes, of rocky crags and thundering spray, with some of the most extreme tides - some over 50 feet - found anywhere in the world. This is lighthouse country, full of great natural beauty with immense skies and wonderful forest-clad hills.

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No-Fly Cruises with UK Departures

To cruise from Southampton is, for many people, the ideal starting point for a cruise holiday. Nothing can beat UK departures. For no fly, you could say, no hassle. You park at the quayside. Willing and friendly porters - yes, they do exist - help you with your luggage. You hang up your wardrobe, just the once, and you're off. From then on, all the magical ports of call come to you. And when you return to the UK, it's the friendly porters in reverse. Straight into your car and off you go. You simply can't beat it.

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Norwegian Fjords

Cruising the Norwegian fjords takes you to a unique world, unlike any other place on earth. The cruises introduce you to awe-inspiring landscapes where brightly painted houses nestle on the shore beneath the towering folds of rocky mountains. It's a magic world where strawberries flourish in the arctic soil and pansies grow as big as saucers! It's a spectacular world of fantastic scenery where the air itself is so fresh and clean it's almost intoxicating. The fjords are so deep, so steep-sided and so long, they truly welcome you right into the heart of Norway.

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The Panama Canal

Truly one of the great wonders of the world. The immensity of the Panama Canal is amazing. The audacity of cutting a 51-mile divide, through sheer rock, between two continents beggars belief. To do so by hand is unthinkable. No wonder it took such a toll of human lives. And no wonder a Panama Canal cruise is the perfect way to see the waterworks proper. To look down from the five-star luxury sightseeing deck, perhaps on one of the finest cruise ships in the world, is to somehow honour the labour of those forgotten 'navvies' who made it possible.

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River Cruises

Cruise In sell 4 and 5-star cruises on all the major rivers of Europe. Destination countries include Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Portugal, Slovakia and Switzerland. Rivers sailed include the Danube, the Douro - in Portugal - the Rhine and the Moselle. Cruises are often for specific events such as the Rhine Christmas Markets or the Dutch Bulb-fields in spring. Many cruises are exclusive charters, often as much as 70% cheaper than other companies. Yet we use the same ships, the same crews and sail the same itineraries!

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South America & Antarctica

From Argentina to Uruguay, from Copacabana to the girl from Ipanema, South America is simply wonderful. Itís a colourful, vibrant world - many worlds - of glorious beaches, astonishing wilderness, magnificent mountains and incredible cities. Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, the very names dance before you. Thereís history, adventure, romance and music to stir your very soul. As for the adventure of visiting the Antarctic it still seems astonishing that the earth's southernmost continent, encapsulating the South Pole, has become a tourist destination. Many South American and Antarctic cruises also visit the Falkland Islands.

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Transatlantic Cruises

A transatlantic cruise includes one of the greatest sights in cruising, that's the view as you sail in or out of New York. It's a real thrill. Duck your head as you squeeze beneath the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, the double-decked suspension bridge that connects Staten Island and Brooklyn. The Statue of Liberty looks down on you as the famous Manhattan skyline beckons on the horizon. What better way to start or end a transatlantic crossing? Spring and autumn are the peak season, as cruise lines reposition ships between the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

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